Peace Spirit Foundation hosted Rafaelle Mauriello on 33rd “Knowing Nations” session on Italy on 14 June.

Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Persian Literature and Foreign Languages, Allameh Tabataba’i University, Mr. Mauriello started his speech introducing himself and then hailing the idea behind cultural knowledge about nations and highlighting its importance.


Mr. Mauriello pointed out that despite the increasing number of Iranian students in Italy, no acceptable research with the aim of knowing this country and its rules has been carried out.


He emphasized that learning the official language of a country can be considered the first step to recognize its characteristics.



According to the Italian sociologist who has made a major effort to understand Iran’s Constitution of during his career and has translated it into Italian, “understanding the Constitution of a country can help researchers to reach more accurate information.”


He also added that the Constitution of Italy is implemented in a serious manner, including those of Article 19, which states that Italy is never entitled to use war as a means to solve international conflicts. Mr. Mauriello underlined military intervention and presence in other countries as one of the most important redlines of the Italian government.


The inseparable link between religion and Italian culture was one of the other topics discussed in detail by the Italian researcher of Islamic Civilization, where he emphasized “this close relationship between religion and culture makes Italy similar to Iran.”



The importance of family and the status of women, the issues that both are rooted in religion, are highly regarded in both cultures, he said.


Mr. Mauriello also referred to the history of relations between these two countries and reminded that cultural similarities would hopefully strengthen the ties.